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GQ: DJ Esco's Guide to Atlanta Strip Club Slang

We've taken you inside the walls of Magic City, the epic Atlanta strip club and verifiable hip-hop hit factory. And like any great subculture, Magic's has a hyper-catchy lingo that we outsiders don’t speak. So we called up DJ Esco, the guy behind the club's famous beats, and asked him to how to sound like we fit in. Here's why sauce is the new swag...


GQ: Make it Reign: How an Atlanta Strip Club runs the Music Industry

To call it a mere strip club means you don't get it. It's more like hip-hop's ultimate proving ground—a legendary hive of hustlers and dreamers. Magic City is a place where fortunes rain from the rafters, where women with impossible bodies call the shots, and where a DJ who spins your track can make you a star. Devin Friedman explores the mixed-up, magical world within America's most important club...


The Fader: The Terrifying True Story Of How Future’s DJ Got Stuck In A Dubai Jail For 56 Nights

On January 13, Future's affable DJ Esco (real name: William Moore) returned to his mother's home cooking after an unexpectedly long stay in the United Arab Emirates. He'd traveled there to perform with Future atthe 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, a swanky weekend also attended by Kim Kardashian, Prince Harry, and the Spice Girls. Future would later call his experience in Dubai "priceless" and something he would "never forget..."